Thursday, February 10, 2011

The new walk of shame

We were late for school this morning.

It's Ted's birthday. There were gifts to be opened, games to be played, plans to be made. Which left me 7 minutes to get them dressed, fed, and driven to school.

As I pulled up to the entrance, Will announced that I would need to sign them in, as they were more than 10 minutes late.

"I can't."
"I'm wearing pyjamas."


Then, "What do you have on your feet?"
"That's OK then. You can sign us in. As long as you're not wearing slippers."

Which explains why, at 8:15 am, I was wandering the halls of PS 193 in pyjamas, a ski jacket, gardening gloves, and snow boots. You'll notice that my kids were not alarmed by this -- this is what they expect from me. As long as the slippers stay home. Slippers cross the line.

I still haven't brushed my teeth.


  1. happy birthday to ted!

    this blog is a treat. i finally can admit, i have too have represented in pajamas at ps 166 on the upper west. yes, it was in winter so i was mostly covered. and crucially, no slippers.

  2. Yeah! Bet you hadn't brushed your teeth either.

  3. I spend the weekends in my sweats or pajamas. And I love it.