Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The dilemma

It's 5:42 pm.

Do I stick it out here at the office, and plough through my backlog? I'd be out of here by 10, all caught up, breathing a little easier, ready to take on tomorrow.

Or do I head home, hug my boys, pour a big fat glass of wine (for me, not them), put them in their jammies, tuck them into bed -- and then sit up in bed til 2:00 am trying to catch up, only to get up at 6:00 am and start all over?

That's my dilemma, and this is my blog.

It's about the need -- and the desire -- to work and work well. And the desire to have a life, a really good one, one I'll be glad and proud I lived.

Welcome to the journey.

P.S. The boys and wine won.


  1. guess what all of us mommy's have the same question. mommy vs. money. not all of us mommy's admit it out loud. congratulations for putting it down.

  2. the gut wrenching issue. you've captured the core insight we struggle with every day

  3. hey, daddys too. welcome to the blogosphere!