Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The comeback

It's been a rough month.

Two rounds of antibiotics, Mr B in San Francisco, early meetings, Mr B in England, long workdays, Mr B working weekends, cold weather...all fine excuses for not getting my ass out of the house for any form of exercise whatsoever.

I was inspired back into action by an impossibly kind and wildly optimistic doctor. As she checked me over, she smiled. "You have a great heart rate. Nice and slow. Are you an athlete?"

I almost kissed her.

There is no way I can pass as an athlete. I am a tired and harried 40-something who runs when she can. But if my heart has dreams of athletic glory, I'm not going to let it down.

So I gave myself a pep talk. Do you want to be someone who does things, or someone who talks about doing things? What kind of 50 do you want to be? And my balls-to-the-wall favorite, Just Do It.

Then I dug out my running tights and laid out my sneakers, so that I could spring straight into them Monday morning.

While I didn't exactly spring, I did manage to crawl in the general direction of my gear. It took me five minutes to get my running tights on -- I was literally rolling around on the floor. Good god, I've only had a month off. Loser tights just can't handle it.

Eventually I staggered to my feet, sweating and swearing, encased in lycra like an overstuffed bratwurst.

And I went out the door.

That's all you have to do. Get out the door.

Because once you're out, you're glad you run. Even when it's freezing. Even when you cut it short. Even when you suck.

Sure enough, yesterday was freezing. I cut it short. And I most certainly sucked. But 2 miles is better than no miles, for a wannabee athletic heart.


  1. Ah, yes ... Just Do It as opposed to Just Screw It. Another tip ... if you can't get out the door, get on the floor and at least put in a half hour of weight work or sit ups. No excuses. Thanks for the lift, Gillian

  2. First of all, I want to say your pic is gorgeous! You look like a young thirtysomething not a fortysomething! Second of all, we just built a house and had our brand new closets put in - you know the kind where you can 'display' everything. As I put up 20 pairs of heels (which i haven't worn since the birth of my first child) I actually FOUND my running shoes...yes, the same running shoes I wore when I did my triathlon 7 years ago! They are in the same shape they were in at the finish line so if your tights are complaining after a month in the drawer - I think my running shoes are simply DEAD - but at least now they are on display! Maybe by looking at them every morning coupled with your inspirational blog, I'l get my a-- in gear! May this be a summer of that big step from the bed to the floor and right out the door!!!! Thanks for motivation I can relate with. KEEP WRITING! -k-

  3. Thanks for the motivation ladies! Gillian, I am totally getting on the floor -- I have the upper body strength of a 90-year old. And Kim...Just Do It!